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Adhesive becomes extremely important for using in everyday life. Most of us require some form of adhesive or the other to be used as a sort of a sealing agent. There are a variety of different types of adhesive types in the market but make it a point to choose from ours so that you can get the best kind of deal.

Adhesive finds use not just in small products but for sealing larger machines and a lot of things so you need the best kind of deal and nothing incredibly cheap and the sort of adhesive that doesn’t work. Take a look at our website for more amazing options and offers and you will surely really love the range of adhesive products on offer.

MOHM CHEMICAL was established in 1993 and it has becomes one of the biggest Adhesives and Sealants company in South-East-Asia countries today. With a total production area of over 120,000 square feet all together and continual investment in highest technology and modern facilities, our goals is to exceed customers’ expectation by offering extensive wide range of innovative Adhesives and Sealants solutions for various market categories:-

1.  Construction and Hardware
2.  Automotive After Market
3.  Professional Trade & Industry Users
4.  Do-It-Yourself (DIY)

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PS-200 PVC Pipe Adhesive Liquid Gasket 3 Minutes Clear Epoxy BT-390 Windscreen Sealant Epoxy Putty Stick PS-200 PVC Pipe Adhesive Colosil Silicone Sealent B-168 Butyl Sealant CA-288 Contact Adhesive All Purpose Acetoxy Silicone Colofil Sealant S-N7 Neutral Silicone MS-601 650'F Red RTV Silicone PU Foam CA-288 Contact Adhesive Clear RTV Silicone Black Hand Powder x'bond Construction Adhesive Shoe Adhesive MS-609 or Grip 'n Go x'mastic Non Skinning Sealant