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Xtraseal - Sealant Manufacturer In South East Asia

We are one of the biggest Adhesives and Sealants company in South-East-Asia.

The key success of Mohm Chemical or x’traseal is by adopting “Quality” and “Continuous Improvement” philosophy as our organization culture.

Serving as the largest supplier of adhesives and sealants, Mohm Chemical is formed in 1993 to bring quality sealant products. We have 4 manufacturing plants in Malaysia and our operations office is based in Johor and Shah Alam. With our years of experience in the industry, Mohm Chemical has been known as a trusted adhesive manufacturer and sealant manufacturer.

Our company is certified wit ISO 9001:2000 and this is of prove of our quality and reliability products. We are specialist provider of industrial adhesive and sealant for sectors such as automotive, construction, DIY group, professional trade, etc.

We have a professional team who takes care and perform all related research and development for our products. Our products have gone through detailed design and manufacturing under stringent quality control. Mohm Chemical also utilizes the most up to date technology for our production to achieve quality products that meet customers’ satisfactions.

X’traseal is a brand name created and developed by Mohm Chemical and this product is marketed to more than 25 countries worldwide. Customer service and support is also another area that our company look into seriously. Our customers’ feedbacks are highly evaluated for products and services improvement.

We are always on the forefront to become the pioneer in the industry as a trusted silicone manufacturer, adhesive manufacturer, gasket maker and sealant manufacturer to be able to provide more beneficial products to our customers worldwide.

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